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Conserving Natural Resources

Milpitas is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of natural resources, which help protect the public health of our community.


Managing Water Sustainably

Consumption and Conservation

Water consumption requires energy to pump, treat, distribute, collect, and discharge water as it is used in the community, which results in GHG emissions. Conservation and the more efficient use of water are both important strategies to reduce emissions from water use and prepare the City to adapt to future droughts or water shortages that may occur due to a changing climate.

Managing Water Sustainably

Our Water Supply

Drinking water used in Milpitas comes from two suppliers, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and Valley Water. Recycled Water is used for irrigation and some industrial cooling and helps to conserve our limited supply of drinking water. Water from SFPUC comes from the Hetch Hetchy System and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Energy Water Savings

Local Initiatives

Milpitas strives to demonstrate leadership in water conservation programs and water reclamation infrastructure.

New Smart Water Meters are coming soon! The City will be changing all customer water meters in 2021. New Smart Meters are more accurate and will allow you to monitor your water use and be alerted if you have a leak. 

Check out to learn more about this project, what to expect, and when you new water meters will be coming to your neighborhood. 


How You Can Help

Send Us Your Feedback

Ready to share your thoughts on how we improve performance in Conserving Natural Resources?  Be sure to visit our Action Plan Feedback page and add your opinions across all the plan sectors.

How You Can Help

Sustainable Water Management

Here are some ways to manage water sustainably!

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